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Visual Model of Electromagnetic Interactions of Sub-Photons
  • william beaujon
william beaujon
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 This paper provides a visual based conceptual model and framework to help explain the behavior of electrical, electromagnetic and gravitational phenomenon.  The model is conceptual only and the hypothetical particles and interactions presented are simply designed as a way to visualize and understand electromagnetic interactions.  Further research needs to be done exploring the possibility that the proposed hypothetical particle and interactions may actually exist.  Future improvements to the model may need to be made to help it conform to new scientific discoveries.  Examples are provided showing how the framework conforms to many of the behaviors of electricity, electromagnetism and radiation.  A hypothetical particle is introduced, referred to as a sub-photon by this paper.  The proposed framework relies on previous research in controversial physical models and assumptions such as repulsive gravity and a fractal universe.  Despite the reliance on controversial concepts, the model is intuitive in many respects, easy to visualize and not dependent on difficult mathematics.  The model can be used as a visual tool to help explain very complex interactions with minimal mental effort.  Whether or not the existence of the sub-photon particle and its interactions are later supported by scientific literature, the model can remain a useful way to visualize and understand basic electromagnetic interactions.  This paper includes predictions about celestial bodies and gravitational waves that can be used to test the model in future research.Â