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Blockchain-Enabled Federated Learning Approach for Vehicular Networks
  • Shirin Sultana ,
  • Fida Hasan
Shirin Sultana
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Fida Hasan
University of New South Wales

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Data from interconnected vehicles may contain sensitive information such as location, driving behavior, personal identifiers, etc. Without adequate safeguards, sharing this data jeopardizes data privacy and system security. The current centralized data-sharing paradigm in these systems raises particular concerns about data privacy. Recognizing these challenges, the shift towards decentralized interactions in technology, as echoed by the principles of Industry 5.0, becomes paramount. This work is closely aligned with these principles, emphasizing decentralized, human-centric, and secure technological interactions in an interconnected vehicular ecosystem. To embody this, we propose a practical approach that merges two emerging technologies: Federated Learning (FL) and Blockchain.Â