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Dual-polarization Mode Microwave Channelizer with a Kerr Soliton Crystal Microcomb
  • David Moss
David Moss
Swinburne University of Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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We report a dual-polarization radio frequency (RF) channelizer based on microcombs. With the tailored mismatch between the FSRs of the active and passive MRRs, wideband RF spectra can be channelized into multiple segments featuring digital-compatible bandwidths via the Vernier effect. Due to the use of dual-polarization states, the number of channelized spectral segments, and thus the RF instantaneous bandwidth (with a certain spectral resolution), can be doubled. In our experiments, we used 20 microcomb lines with ~ 49 GHz FSR to achieve 20 channels for each polarization, with high RF spectra slicing resolutions at 144 MHz (TE) and 163 MHz (TM), respectively; achieving an instantaneous RF operation bandwidth of 3.1 GHz (TE) and 2.2 GHz (TM). Our approach paves the path towards monolithically integrated photonic RF receivers (the key componentsâ\euro”active and passive MRRs are all fabricated on the same platform) with reduced complexity, size, and unprecedented performance, which is important for wide RF applications with digital-compatible signal detection.