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  • Junting Zhao ,
  • Jereco Jims Agapito
Junting Zhao
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Jereco Jims Agapito
Eastern Visayas State University Ormoc City Campus

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This study explores the architectural design firms in Shi Jiazhuang City, China, focusing on enhancing their competitiveness in the services industry. Offering a holistic view of these firms’ challenges and opportunities by employing a dual survey research design incorporating internal and external perspectives. The study highlights 10 Chinese architectural design companies in terms of their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) while integrated with Porter’s Model in the external forces. Furthermore, the research introduces Betz’s Strategic Business Models, providing architectural firms with a roadmap for future success. The study identifies four generic business models applicable to respondents, including Strategic Response, Strategic Enterprise, Strategic Innovation, and Strategic Firm, offering tailored strategies to leverage strengths and address weaknesses effectively. In Porter’s Five Forces analysis, three generic strategies are identified, emphasizing the need for strategic responses to new entrants, leveraging partnerships for supplier negotiations, and positioning as a premium service provider to mitigate customer bargaining power. This research equips architectural firms in Shi Jiazhuang City with actionable recommendations to thrive in a competitive industry. Integrating SWOT and Porter’s Five Forces analyses with Betz’s Strategic Business Models, this study leads to strategic adaptation to market dynamics and securing a solid position in the industry.