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A Dynamic Interactive Learning Interface for Computer Science Education: Programming Decomposition Tool
  • Fanfei Meng ,
  • Chen-ao Wang
Fanfei Meng
Northwestern University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Chen-ao Wang
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When the coding assignments step into more complicated and structured periods for individuals, how to cultivate the skills have become the urgent needs for people who are engaged in sophisticated coding development in both academics as well as industries, especially those who have some basic knowledge in their undergraduate studies. In this paper, a state-of-art interactive tool: Programming Decomposition Tool(PDT) is proposed to help people enhance their complicated coding skills and further to broaden their CS learning horizons. The tools have two unique features: 1. The learning interface is adaptive and dynamic with respect to the detection of the knowledge depth of users. 2. Difficult learning parts will be decomposed into several easier sessions for better acquisition.