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Zerotree Coding of Subdivision Wavelet Coefficients in Dynamic Time-Varying Meshes
  • Maja Krivokuća ,
  • Tomás Malheiros Borges ,
  • Ricardo de Queiroz
Maja Krivokuća
InterDigital R&D France

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Tomás Malheiros Borges
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Ricardo de Queiroz
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We propose a complete system to enable progressive coding with quality scalability of the mesh geometry, in MPEGâ\euro™s state-of-the-art Video-based Dynamic Mesh Coding (V-DMC) framework. In particular, we propose an alternative method for encoding the subdivision wavelet coefficients in V-DMC, using a mesh-based zerotree coding approach. The proposed method works directly in the native 3D mesh space. It allows us to identify parent-child relationships amongst the wavelet coefficients across different subdivision levels, which can be used to achieve an efficient and versatile coding mechanism. We demonstrate that, given a starting base mesh, a target subdivision surface and a desired maximum number of zerotree passes, our system produces an elegant and visually attractive lossy-to-lossless mesh geometry reconstruction with no further user intervention. Moreover, lossless coefficient encoding with our approach is shown to require almost the same bitrate as the default displacement coding methods in V-DMC. Yet, our approach provides several levels of quality resolution within each target bitrate, while the current solutions encode a single quality level only. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time that a zerotree-based method has been proposed and demonstrated to work for the compression of dynamic time-varying meshes, and the first time that an embedded quality-scalable approach has been used in the V-DMC framework.