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Enhancing Public Awareness and Education of Ransomware Attacks
  • Jabed Kumar
Jabed Kumar
Bengaluru Institute of Cybersecurity

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Ransomware, a formidable cybersecurity challenge, has escalated in prevalence and sophistication, impacting individuals, organizations, and infrastructures globally. This article delves into the operational mechanisms, progression, and tactics of ransomware, particularly focusing on locker, cryptoransomware, and data theft ransomware. It highlights the significant effects of these assaults across various sectors and emphasizes the pivotal role of knowledge dissemination and educational efforts in ransomware defense. The article encompasses an examination of preventative measures, appraisal of awareness campaigns, and educational initiatives, along with a critical assessment of challenges and future directions in ransomware mitigation. It argues that public awareness and educational programs are not merely supplementary but fundamental aspects of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. This piece contributes to the ongoing conversation in cybersecurity, providing insights and recommendations for policymakers, professionals, educators, and the public, and emphasizes the necessity of a well-informed and proactive approach in combating ransomware threats.