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Topology Identification and Parameters Estimation of LV Distribution Networks using Open GIS Data
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  • Dong Liu ,
  • Juan S. Giraldo ,
  • Peter Palensky ,
  • Pedro P. Vergara
Dong Liu
Delft University of Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Juan S. Giraldo
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Peter Palensky
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Pedro P. Vergara
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The topology of low-voltage distribution networks (LVDNs) is crucial for system analysis, e.g., distributed energy resources (DERs) integration, network hosting capacity analysis, state estimation, and electric vehicle charging management. However, it is frequently unavailable or incomplete. We develop a data-driven topology identification approach for DNs with a high proportion of underground cables. The proposed approach exploits the fact that underground cables usually follow the street pattern, thus relying on open street map (OSM) and smart meter (SM) data. Three stages compose the proposed approach: In the first stage, a hierarchical minimum spanning tree algorithm is proposed to generate the initial topology with an accurate number of sub-branches from the pre-processed OSM data and peak demand. In the second stage, based on the limited SM data, the location of breakpoints in mesh topology caused by circle roads is verified and reconstructed to guarantee the radial structure of LVDNs. Finally, given multiple incomplete SM datasets, three data-driven optimization models based on a state estimation model are constructed to mitigate the error of cable length induced by OSM data. The feasibility of the proposed topology identification approach is verified on three actual LVDNs in the Netherlands and multiple incomplete SM datasets.