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Channel Coding Method Based on Weighted Probability Model
  • Jielin Wang
Jielin Wang
Hunan YESINE Communication Technology Co.

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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 X is a discrete memoryless binary source , Sequence X undergoes lossless transformation to satisfy the requirement â\euroœEach 1 is separated by one or more zeros“, ”Each 0 is separated by one or two 1s” or similar condition , These conditions are the decision conditions for error detection in channel transmission. A new channel coding method is proposed based on a weighted probability model for lossless coding , The encoding rate and encoding and decoding steps of different conversion methods are different , It is proved that the decoding error probability can reach 0 when the code length is long enough. In the simulation experiment of BPSK signal in AWGN channel, At 0.5 bit rate, the proposed method improves 1.1dB over Polar code when FER is 0.001, and 1.4dB over Polar code when FER is 0.0001.Â