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Padé a coustoporoelasticity for 3D wave propagation in prestressed porous rocks with inelastic deformations
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  • Haochen Zheng ,
  • Li-Yun Fu ,
  • Haidi Yang ,
  • Bo-Ye Fu ,
  • Wubing Deng
Haochen Zheng
China University of Petroleum East China

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Li-Yun Fu
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Haidi Yang
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Wubing Deng
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In this paper, we extend the velocity-stress acoustoporoelastic formulation from 2D to 3D, and Padé acoustoelasticity to Padé acoustoporoelasticity. Applications to experimental data with porous rocks differentiate the acoustoelasticity, acoustoporoelasticity, and Padé acoustoporoelasticity in accuracy. The SSG-FD numerical method was used to simulate the propagation of elastic waves in both 3D acoustoporoelastic and Padé acoustoporoelastic media. By comparing the theoretical and calculated wave velocities, the presented numerical scheme is verified using plane-wave theoretical solutions.Â