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Optimizing the Passenger Flow for Airport Security Check
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  • Fanfei Meng ,
  • Yuxin Wang ,
  • Xiaotian Wang ,
  • Chaoyu Xie
Fanfei Meng
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Yuxin Wang
Northwestern University, Northwestern University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Xiaotian Wang
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Chaoyu Xie
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Due to the necessary security for the airport and flight, passengers are required to have strict security check before getting aboard. However, there are frequent complaints of wasting huge amount of time while waiting for the security check. This paper presents a potential solution aimed at optimizing gate setup procedures specifically tailored for Chicago Oâ\euro™Hare International Airport. By referring to queueing theory and performing Monte Carlo simulations, we propose an approach to significantly diminish the average waiting time to a more manageable level. Additionally, our study meticulously examines and identifies the influential factors contributing to this optimization, providing a comprehensive understanding of their impact.