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Examination of the Modified Equivalent Current Approximation (MECA) Method for Dielectric Media in Non-half-space Structures
  • Rasul Choupanzadeh ,
  • Ata Zadehgol
Rasul Choupanzadeh
University of Idaho

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Ata Zadehgol
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Our investigation of the Modified Equivalent Current Approximation (MECA) method reveals notable limitations in its ability to accurately model dielectric media in non-half-space (NHS) structures. These limitations are rooted in MECA’s baseline formulation which fundamentally assumes each surface element of the discretized structure is bounded by a half-space composed of a good dielectric-good conductor; thus, not meeting this baseline assumption leads to inaccurate results. Furthermore, our analysis identifies several inaccuracies in MECA’s original formulation, leading us to propose several corrections. To substantiate our results, we conduct numerical simulations to determine the radar cross section for various structures. Our study not only exposes MECA’s limitations in handling dielectric media in NHS structures but also enhances its accuracy for modeling good conductor media.