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Towards Ultraviolet Microbeam Scanning and Lens-Less UV Microbeam Microscopy with Mirror Galvanometric Scanners: From the History of Research Instrumentation to Engineering of Modern Mechatronic Optical Systems
  • Theodor Orehov
Theodor Orehov

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This article aims to ensure continuity between classical methods of ultraviolet microscopy or/and micromanipulation using ultraviolet microbeam and lens-less ultraviolet microscopy and microbeam exposure of cells and tissues. Considering the history of the development of the method and the possibility of working with different methods of mechanical scanning, the authors propose to use mirror galvanometers and an electromechanical scanning system in the mechanical engineering of lensless microbeam installations. These installations make it possible to provide both scanning with an ultraviolet microbeam to obtain a line scan image, and precision micromanipulation at the level of individual cells. This article is a preprint (or reprint) associated with the authors’ presentation at the September 2018 seminar dedicated to the memory of Sergei Chakhotin, the developer of the first UV microbeam installations. The deposit of this article in the technical archive in September of this year is associated with a memorable date associated with the dates of the life of Sergei Chakhotin (13 September 1883 – 24 December 1973). The first article by one of the authors, which formed the basis for this presentation, was also timed to coincide with the memorable date of Sergei Chakhotin and was presented at the Christmas seminar at the end of 2013 (December 24), and was published in an issue of the Ukrainian bioengineering journal in 2014.