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CMI Computing A Cloud, MANET and Internet of Things Integration for Future Internet
  • Tanweer Alam
Tanweer Alam
Islamic University of Madinah

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The wireless communication is making it easier for smart devices to communicate with one another in terms of the network of the Internet of Things. Smart devices are automatically linked and built up a network on their own. But there are more obstacles to safe access within the network itself. Mobile devices such as smart home automation access point, smart washing machines, mobile boards, temperature sensors, color-changing smart lighting, smartphones, wearable devices, and smart appliances, etc. are widespread in our daily lives and is becoming valuable tools with wireless communication abilities that are using specific wireless standards that are commonly used with IEEE 802.11 access points. On the realism of the Internet, security has been perceived as a prominent inhibitor of embracing the cloud paradigm. It is resource storage and management that may lay in any since the cloud environment is a distributed architecture, which place of the world, many concerns have been raised over its vulnerabilities, security threats and challenges. The involvement of various parties has widened these concerns based on each party’s perspective and objective. The Cloud point of view we mainly discuss the causes of obstacles and challenges related to security, reliability, privacy and service availability. The wireless communication Security has been raised as one of the most critical issues of cloud computing where resolving such an issue would result in constant growth in the cloud’s use and popularity. Our purpose of this study is to create a framework of mobile ad hoc network mobility model using cloud computing for providing secure communication among smart devices network for the internet of things in 5G heterogeneous networks. Our main contribution links a new methodology for providing secure communication on the internet of smart devices in 5G. Our methodology uses the correct and efficient simulation of the desired study and can be implemented in a framework of the Internet of Things in 5G.
28 Apr 2020Published in Jambura Journal of Informatics volume 2 issue 1. 10.37905/jji.v2i1.4539