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Efficient and Secure Data Transmission Approach in Cloud-MANET-IoT Integrated Framework
  • Tanweer Alam
Tanweer Alam
Islamic University of Madinah

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The Internet of Things (IoT) devices have capabilities to interact and communicate in 5G heterogeneous networks. The IoT devices also have capabilities to form a network with neighborhood devices without a centralized approach. This network is called the mobile ad hoc network (MANET). Through an infrastructure-less system of the Internet of Things environment, the MANET enables IoT nodes to interact with one another. Those IoT nodes could interactively connect, communicate as well as share knowledge between several nodes. The role of cloud throughout this structure would be to store as well as interpret information through IoT nodes. The communication security has also been introduced to be one of the techniques in which trying to solve the data transmission security issue that could result in the performance increase in cloud consumption and ubiquity. Our purpose in this research would be to establish a communication system among IoT nodes in such an embedded Cloud and MANET structure. The main goal of this research is to create an efficient and secure approach for communication in Cloud-MANET-IoT integrated framework. This approach is implemented and tested.