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Blockchain and Internet of Things in Higher Education
  • Tanweer Alam ,
  • Mohamed Benaida
Tanweer Alam
Islamic University of Madinah

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Mohamed Benaida
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Building the innovative blockchain-based architecture across the Internet of Things (IoT) platform for the education system could be an enticing mechanism to boost communication efficiency within the 5 G network. Wireless networking would have been the main research area allowing people to communicate without using the wires. It was established at the start of the Internet by retrieving the web pages to connect from one computer to another computer Moreover, high-speed, intelligent, powerful networks with numerous contemporary technologies, such as low power consumption, and so on, appear to be available in today’s world to connect among each other. The extension of fog features on physical things under IoT is allowed in this situation. One of the complex tasks throughout the area of mobile communications would be to design a new virtualization framework based on blockchain across the Internet of Things architecture. The goal of this research is to connect a new study for an educational system that contains Blockchain to the internet of things or keeping things cryptographically secure on the internet. This research combines with its improved blockchain and IoT to create an efficient interaction system between students, teachers, employers, developers, facilitators and accreditors on the Internet. This specified framework is detailed research’s great estimation.