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Smart Home Automation Towards the Development of Smart Cities
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  • Tanweer Alam ,
  • Abdulrahman A. Salem ,
  • Ahmad O. Alsharif ,
  • Abdulaziz M. Alhujaili
Tanweer Alam
Islamic University of Madinah

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Abdulrahman A. Salem
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Ahmad O. Alsharif
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Abdulaziz M. Alhujaili
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The home automation system is indeed a system that offers a mobile application to monitor it through the smartphone or tablet. It can control home appliances like light, fans, air conditions, and smart security locks, etc. Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is used for remote control of things. Smart home is essentially how it looks: automating with such an easy touch of a button or a voice command the ability to manage things across the home. Several operations were both simple and extremely low-cost, such as setting up a light to turn on and off at the time of your moment. Others need much more money and resources, including advanced spy cameras. Some people thought that technology is taking a really huge part of our lives. It does! we’re living in a modern generation where smart and intelligent systems are necessary to be there wherever we are to make our lives easier and much better, for example, we can do many things faster, better, and more accurate.