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Eddy Currents Based Stray Loss Model For Variable Load Conditions of Medium Power Induction Motors
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  • Rajendra Kumar ,
  • Praveen Kumar ,
  • Teruo Kanekawa ,
  • Koji Oishi
Rajendra Kumar
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Praveen Kumar
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Teruo Kanekawa
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Koji Oishi
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This paper presents an eddy current based stray loss model for induction motors taking into account the impact of motor's loading. The model uses the various motor inductances and, other nameplate data of an induction motor as primary variables. The Magnetic field distribution in a motor is prominently affected by the stator and rotor slot geometries. Distortions in the magnetic field have a direct impact on SL as well as on various inductances of the motor. The development and validation of the model is accomplished by testing total 26 numbers of induction motors of different geometries and materials at different loading conditions. In a further step, the applicability of the model in designing an IM is presented by re-designing a 75kW induction motor and comparing the experimental test results with the initial IM.