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Home Automation Using IoT
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  • Ninad Mehendale ,
  • Avi Shah ,
  • Rohan Senghani ,
  • Nirav Patel
Ninad Mehendale
K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Rohan Senghani
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Nirav Patel
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As technology is advancing so house are also getting smarter. Modern houses are gradually shifting from convectional switches to centralized control system, involving remote control switches. Presently, convectional wall switches located in different parts of the house makes it difficult for user to go near them to operate. Even it becomes more difficult for elder people and for physically handicap people to do so.
Internet of Things (IoT) conceptualizes the idea of remotely connecting and monitoring real world objects through the Internet. When it comes to our house, this concept can be aptly incorporated to make it smarter, safer and automated. It is a concept where each device is assign to an IP address and through that IP address anyone makes that device identifiable on internet. The Internet is an evolving entity. It started as the Internet of Computers. Research studies have forecast an explosive growth in the number of things or devices that will be connected to the Internet. The resulting network is called the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is having the potential to change the lifestyle of peoples. In day today’s life, people prefer more of automatic systems rather than any manual systems. The major elements of IoT based home automation system are Raspberry pi and the Relay along with their driving circuitry. Home automation can be defined as a mechanism removing as much human interaction as technically possible and desirable in various domestic processes and replacing them with programmed electronic systems.
This project is intended to construct a home automation system that uses any mobile device to control the home appliances. This home automation system is based on IoT. Home automation is very exciting field when it uses new technologies like Internet of Things. Raspberry pi is credit card size computer. Raspberry pi supports large number of peripherals. Raspberry pi is having different communication media like Ethernet port, HDMI port, USB port, Display Serial Interface, Camera Serial Interface, Bluetooth, Bluetooth low energy. It allows to control number of home appliances simultaneously.