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A Survey on Beagle Boards and its Applications
  • Ninad Mehendale ,
  • Manas Kulkarni ,
  • Omkar Bhoite
Ninad Mehendale
K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Manas Kulkarni
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Omkar Bhoite
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This paper consists of an overview and a brief description of all the Beagle Boards from the original Beagle Board released in 2008 to the latest board BeagleV released in 2019. The Beaglebone board is one of the high-end hobby-grade boards and has quite a few applications in industrial/consumer electronics as well. Many beginners prefer Arduino boards and Raspberry Pi boards for tinkering. The Beagle Boards are an amalgamation of both Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards. Owing to their high prices, they are not as widely used as the Arduino boards and Raspberry Pi boards, but the Beagle Boards are robust and have an added advantage in the form of on-board GPU and DSP. Furthermore, the on-chip PRU-ICSS contribute to the computing process increasing the efficiency of the boards. The Beagle boards have multiple OS Support (Debian, LXDE, Ubuntu, etc.). The paper also discusses the interfacing of Beagle boards with various peripherals and components. The various types of capes available for the Beagle boards are discussed as well. The paper also presents an introduction on how to get started with the Beagle boards. The applications of the Beagle boards are discussed as well.