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Far UV-C lights and fiber optics induced and selective far UV-C treatment against COVID-19 for fatality-survival tradeoff
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  • Imran Haider ,
  • Asad Ali ,
  • Tooba Arifeen ,
  • Abdus Sami Hassan
Imran Haider
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Tooba Arifeen
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Abdus Sami Hassan
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This work focuses on the usability of Ultraviolet (UV) on humans as an economical way of contesting against COVID-19. Specifically, far-UVC is presented as a promising candidate against COVID-19 since it can inactivate pathogens including viruses and bacteria without harming mammalian skin or eyes. Furthermore, the work also points out the applicability of far-UVC lights for public spaces and treatment of selective region in COVID-19 patients by using fiberoptic as the medium for high-risk cases where chances of survival are low and such treatment may avoid fatality due to the COVID-19.