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Enhanced 3 rd order optical nonlinearity in silicon nitride nanowires integrated with 2D graphene oxide films
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  • David Moss ,
  • yang qu ,
  • Jiayang Wu ,
  • Yunyi Yang ,
  • Yuning Zhang ,
  • Yao Liang ,
  • Corrado Sciancalepore ,
  • Christian Grillet ,
  • Christelle Monat
David Moss
swinburne university

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Jiayang Wu
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Yunyi Yang
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Yuning Zhang
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Yao Liang
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Corrado Sciancalepore
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Christian Grillet
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Christelle Monat
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numbers of GO layers and at different pump powers. By optimizing the trade-off between the nonlinearity and loss, we obtain a significant improvement in the FWM conversion efficiency of ≈7.3 dB for a uniformly coated device with 1 layer of GO and ≈9.1 dB for a patterned device with 5 layers of GO. We also obtain a significant increase in FWM bandwidth for the patterned devices. A detailed analysis of the influence of pattern length and position on the FWM performance is performed. Based on the FWM measurements, the dependence of GO’s third-order nonlinearity on layer number and pump power is also extracted, revealing interesting physical insights about the 2D layered GO films. Finally, we obtain an enhancement in the effective nonlinear parameter of the hybrid waveguides by over a factor of 100. These results verify the enhanced nonlinear optical performance of SiN waveguides achievable by incorporating 2D layered GO films.