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Performance Analysis of path tracking using Multi-Dimensional Kalman Filter based on state estimations
  • Praveenkumar Babu ,
  • Eswaran Parthasarathy
Praveenkumar Babu
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Eswaran Parthasarathy
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In the presence of uncertainty, one of the most difficult issues for tracking in control systems is to estimate the accuracy and precision of hidden variables. Kalman filter is considered as the widely adapted estimation algorithm for tracking applications. However, tracking of multiple objects is still a challenging task to achieve better results for prediction and correction. To solve this problem, a multi-dimensional Kalman filter is proposed using state estimations for tracking multiple objects. This paper also presents the performance analysis of proposed tracking model for linear measurements. The steady?state and covariance equations are derived and their co-efficients are updated. The multi-dimensional Kalman filter is evaluated mathematically for linear dynamic systems. The path tracking based on Kalman filter and multi-dimensional Kalman filter is also analyzed. The true and filtered responses of our proposed filtering algorithm for multiple object tracking are observed. The output covariance produces steady state values after four number of samples. The simulation results shows that the performance of our proposed filtering algorithm is 2x times effective than conventional Kalman filter for objects moving in linear motion and proves that proposed filter is suitable for real?time implementation.