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Terahertz Multiple Access: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Controlled Multihop IRS Topology
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  • Muhammad Shehab ,
  • Abdullateef Almohamad ,
  • Mohamed Elsayed ,
  • Ahmed Badawy ,
  • Tamer Khattab ,
  • Nizar Zorba ,
  • Mazen Hasna ,
  • Daniele Trinchero
Muhammad Shehab
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Abdullateef Almohamad
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Mohamed Elsayed
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Ahmed Badawy
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Tamer Khattab
Qatar University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Nizar Zorba
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Mazen Hasna
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Daniele Trinchero
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Manuscript on using Reinforcement Learning to control the phases of cascaded intelligent reflective surfaces to maximize received rate of multiple access Terahertz communication.