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A New SyncFusion Amplifier: For Security of IOT Devices
  • Usama Thakur
Usama Thakur
Independent Researcher

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The SyncFusion Amplifier is introduced as an innovative electronic component designed to redefine security in IoT devices. Principles inspired by quantum entanglement are leveraged to establish synchronized correlations between input signals, resulting in amplified and coherent outputs. The behavior, validation, and potential applications of the amplifier are demonstrated using QSPICE simulation and a hierarchical entry block with C++ code. Through detailed analysis, the enhancement of correlated behaviors by the SyncFusion Amplifier is showcased, with applications in cryptography and communication. By generating more robust cryptographic keys and secure communication channels, security vulnerabilities in IoT environments are addressed. The research not only unveils a groundbreaking electronic component but also proposes a paradigm shift in IoT security. As the IoT landscape continues to expand, a timely solution is presented by the SyncFusion Amplifier to fortify data protection, communication integrity, and overall device security.