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A Bio-inspired Cat-Leap Parkour Rolling Mechanism (CPRM) Design Inception to Realization, and Applications
  • Vikramaditya Dave
Chungnam National University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Vikramaditya Dave
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A bio-inspired novel CAT-leap parkour rolling mechanism (CPRM) is designed and developed for mobile robots. It was inspired by cat-leap jumping and monkey rolling motion. It enhanced the mobility of the mobile robot. Using CPRM, the robot can climb and cross unknown obstacles as well as perform locomotion. This mechanism protects the robot from unexpected impact forces on the robot during climbing and landing. It also can cross obstacles having double robot height. We developed a CPRM with a six-wheeled triangle-shaped mobile robot having two cat-leap arms for parkour rolling motion, allows a soft landing. We would like to share our experience working with CPRM mechanism and design from the inception to the realization, which includes design and iterations, prototype development, feasibility, functioning steps, advantages, and future applications.