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Partial Interference Pattern --- Photons Propagating Along Straight-Lines in Double Slit Experiment
  • hui peng
hui peng

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Young’s double slit experiments have been interpretated by the optical wave theory. The observation of the wave behavior of the light near the detecting screen has long history. Recently we have shown the particle nature of the light near the detecting screen (the far field) in the wave experiments. In this article, we place two shields near the double slit to explore the nature of light.
The experiment shows that, near the double slit, the light behaves as photons, propagates along the straight-line trajectories. The portion of the light, which directly passing through the channel formed by Shield-1 and Shield-2, produces the interference pattern at the central portion of the pattern. While the portions of the light, which are reflected multi-times by Shield-1 and Shield-2 respectively, produce the left pattern and the right pattern at the left-side and the right-side of the interference pattern respectively. The left pattern and the right pattern are not interference pattern. This novel double slit experiments provide comprehensive phenomena for further developing the theory to interpret the experiments.