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Photon Chamber Showing Incompleteness of Wave Interpretations of Double Slit Experiments
  • hui peng
hui peng
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Young’s double slit experiments, which represent the mystery of quantum mechanics, have been described by the optic wave theory, the electromagnetic wave (EM wave) theory and pilot wave theory. Recently, the coexistence of the particle nature and the wave distribution of light in double slit experiments has been demonstrated. In this article we utilize the photon chamber to detect the traces of the light beam in the double slit experiments. The existence of the light tracks indicates the particle nature of the light beam in the wave experiments. The particle nature of the light beam is visualized by the tracks, while the wave-like distribution is visualized by the interference pattern.
Furthermore, we cover the two sides of the chamber by copper foil for shielding the EM wave. If the light beams were the EM waves, then the interference pattern would be disturbed. The experiments show that the light behave as particles moving through the photon chamber, while distribute as waves without being disturbed. Thus, the double slit/photon chamber experiments visually indicate that the wave interpretations of the optical wave theory and the EM wave theory of the double slit experiments are incomplete. However, the experiments support the pilot wave theory at far field. The experiments in this article confirm the conclusions of the previous modified double slit experiments. But, the experimental devices, experimental setups and experimental observations are totally different. The experiments in this article make the mystery of the double slit experiments even more mysterious. The photon chamber is inexpensive and may be used to study the nature of the light.