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Noninterference patterns and interference patterns simultaneously emerging on screen in cross double slit, 4 slits, disc ring and 1D grating experiments respectively
  • hui peng
hui peng

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The standard interpretation of Young’s double slit experiment is that the light behaves as waves before and after passing through the diaphragm of the double slit. Recently, the convex lens has been utilized to study the behavior of photons near the diaphragm of the double slit. The experiments show that within a certain macroscopic distance the patterns are the particle patterns (noninterference pattern), and that the noninterference pattern gradually evolve to the interference pattern.
In this article, we show that in each of the cross double slit, 4 slits, disc ring and 1D grating experiments, the particle patterns (noninterference patterns) and interference patterns simultaneously emerge on the screen. It is the challenge to interpret the phenomena.