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Photons distributing as waves --- New mystery of double slit experiment
  • hui peng
hui peng

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The classical interpretation of Young’s double slit experiment is that, before and after passing through the diaphragm of the double slit, the light behaves as waves. Feynman called the double slit experiment “the only mystery [of quantum mechanics]. We have shown for the first time that in the classical wave experiments: (1) Particle patterns, which are non-interference patterns indicating the particle nature of light, are near the diaphragm, and Interference patterns are near the screen; (2) Particle patterns evolve to Transition patterns that are also non-interference patterns, and, finally, evolve to Interference patterns; (3) Postulates of lens for utilizing lens in wave experiments.
In this article, we experimentally show that Particle patterns, Transition patterns and Interference patterns of the double slit experiments are simultaneously emerged on the screen. We suggest that these phenomena and the physical mechanism of photons distributing as waves are new mystery.