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Convex Lens in Double Slit Experiment
  • hui peng
hui peng

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The classical interpretation of Young’s double slit experiment is that, before and after passing through the double slit, the light behaves as waves. It is “the only mystery [of quantum mechanics] (Feynman). We proposed Postulates of convex lens for utilizing lens in wave experiments. By applying convex lens, we observed new phenomena of the double slit experiments, and referred as “new mystery”.
In this article, we show the focal point related phenomena attribute to a thin lens, and confirm Postulates of convex lens. The combination of Postulates of the convex lens and the geometrical theory of the lens may describe the function of the lens in the wave experiments. The convex lens is helpful in studying the mystery of the double slit experiment. It is the challenge to interpret the convex lens related phenomena in the wave experiments.