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Non-coherent Photons Evolving to Coherent Photons in Same Classical Wave Experiments --- Photon Wave Phenomena
  • hui peng
hui peng
James Pengs Lab

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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We experimentally show that: in the same classical wave experiment, (1) the light is photons;
(2) near the double slit, although we assume the photons have the same frequency and phase, the photons do not produce the interference pattern and thus, we referrer the states of the photons are semi-coherent, i.e., non-coherent; (3) near and on the screen, the photons distribute as waves and produce the interference pattern and thus, the states of the photons landed on the screen are coherent.
We referred it as Photon Waves (or Photowave) phenomena. The mystery is how the semi-coherent photons evolve to the coherent photons, i.e., how the non-interference patterns evolve to the interference patterns.