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New Boost Type Seven-Level Inverter with High Voltage Gain Ability and Continuous Input Current
  • Jagabar Sathik ,
  • Mahmoud F. Elmorshedy ,
  • Dhafer Almakhles
Jagabar Sathik
Prince Sultan University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Mahmoud F. Elmorshedy
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Dhafer Almakhles
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This article presents a single-dc-source seven-level (7L) inverter topology with a dynamic voltage gain. The two dcdc boost converters are connected in parallel for charging and in series for discharging to generate the seven-level output voltage at the load. The proposed topology’s advantages are emphasized over existing boost inverters, demonstrating its superiority. Increased power quality and efficiency of 96.7% are promised through experimental validation utilizing a lab hardware setup. The empirical findings are exhibited using a variety of factors, such as load variation and modulation index variation, etc