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Multi-Layer-Partial-Mesh based Fail Proof HAN with Decentralized Multi Gateway for Smart Home Monitoring and Control
  • Rakesh Das ,
  • Jitendra Nath Bera
Rakesh Das
University of Calcutta

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Jitendra Nath Bera
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This paper elaborates a unique development of ZigBee enabled fail proof home area network (ZFPHAN). A decentralized multi-layer partial mesh (MLPM) topology is proposed in order to monitor and control domestic and/or commercial appliances. The advantages of partial mesh network are extracted to provide alternate paths in case of malfunctioning of intermediate node(s). The concept of multi-layer is introduced where each layer contains active gateway (AG), pseudo gateway (PG)and ZigBee control boards (ZCBs) for uninterrupted communication. The PG coordinates with AG such that it becomes a new AG by forming a new layer in case of failure of earlier AG. Another PG is then evoked from the descending order schedule of degree distribution of existing ZCBs. The ZigBee transmit power is minimized to maintain whispering distance with neighbor nodes for energy efficient and eco-friendly purposes. The proposed system is simulated with 15 numbers of nodes to estimate the MLPM working with propagation delay, alternate path for malfunctioning node and its robustness. For experimental verification, five numbers of customized ZCB are used and the performance of HAN is tested with all possible conditions and fail proof networking is observed. The experimental result suggests the successful implementation of this ZFPHAN1