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Direct Method of Lyapunov Applied to Synchronization Stability of VSC with PLL
  • Yujun Li
Yujun Li
Xian Jiaotong University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Synchronization stability of one single voltage source converter (VSC) connected to the infinite bus system via transmission lines is studied. Firstly, a second-order system model with damping is obtained under certain reasonable assumptions, which can be written as the classical Liénard system. Then, one Lyapunov function with larger analytical stable region than existing ones is constructed. Subsequently, an oscillatory instability phenomenon is firstly discovered and it is related to the system nonlinear damping. Based on Poincaré Theory, it is indicated that an unstable limit cycle exists between the derived stability boundary and the angle of unstable equilibrium point (UEP). Numerical results verifies the correctness of the proposed model and the effectiveness of the analysis method.