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Power Angle Small-Signal Stability Analysis of Grid-Forming Wind Turbine Inverter Based on VSM Control
  • Liang Lu ,
  • Ömer Göksu ,
  • Nicolaos Antonio Cutululis
Liang Lu
Technical University of Denmark

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Ömer Göksu
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Nicolaos Antonio Cutululis
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This paper introduces a virtual synchronous machine (VSM) control scheme which is based on a minimized emulation of the model of a synchronous generator (SG) for a grid-forming wind turbine (WT) inverter. Based on this VSM control scheme, state-space representation and block diagram of the small-signal model for the VSM-controlled grid-forming inverter connected to an infinite bus are derived, which are used for small-signal stability analysis of the power angle in the VSM control scheme. This power angle small-signal stability (PAS) analysis is proposed as a simpler way for analyzing the influence on the rotor angle stability of power system from large share of VSM-controlled grid-forming inverters. Influence of parameters in the power loop of the control scheme on the PAS is investigated by analyzing the eigenvalue trajectories of the state matrix.