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Adapting Agile DevOps for Strategic Information Systems Development
Staffordshire University

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Despite the continued evolution of information systems methodologies for more than three decades, the rates of software rejection and failure are still high. This paper investigates the technological environment as a major cause of such disruptions. Additionally, the paper evaluates Agile and DevOps as remedial methodologies for managing the adverse impact of technological disruptions. The main findings affirm both Agile and DevOps as methodologies that emanated from improvements or re-engineering of earlier methodologies. Further findings discern most methodologies; including agile and DevOps; as not strategically focused but appraise DevOps as the most progressive methodology towards this respect. Rather than re-invent the wheel and come up with a new methodology, a framework that aligns DevOps for use in strategic information systems development is proposed. Besides, a more realistic definition of operations is postulated to bolster the alignment.  Keywords software