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Review of Microwave Photonic RF Channelizers based on Optical Microcombs
  • mengxi tan ,
  • David Moss ,
  • xingyuan xu
mengxi tan
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David Moss
swinburne university of technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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xingyuan xu
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In recent decades, microwave photonic channelization has developed rapidly. Characterized by low loss, high versatility, large instantaneous bandwidth, and immunity to electromagnetic interference, microwave photonic channelization techniques coincides with the requirements of modern radar and electronic warfare for receivers. The advanced microresonator-based optical frequency combs are promising platforms for the research of the photonic channelized receivers, which take full advantage of multicarrier and large bandwidth, and accelerate the integration process of microwave photonic channelized receivers. In this paper, we review the research progress and trends in microwave photonic channelization, focusing on schemes that utilize integrated microcombs. Finally, we discuss the potentials of microcomb-based RF channelization, as well as the challenges and limitations, and provide routes and perspectives for future developments in the context of on-chip silicon-based photonics.Â