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An Open Dynamical System Approach to Dissipative Quantum Dot Array Antennas
  • Said Mikki
Said Mikki
ZJU-UIUC Institute

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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A new computational approach to quantum antennas based on first principle open stochastic quantum dynamics.
We develop a general computational approach for the analysis and design of quantum antenna systems comprised of coupled quantum dot arrays interacting with external fields and producing quantum radiation. The method is based on using the GKSL master equation to model quantum dissipation and decoherence. The density operator of a coupled two-level quantum dot (qbit) array, excited by classical external signals with variable amplitude and phase, is evolved in time using a quantum Liouville-like equation (the master equation). We illustrate the method in a numerical example where it is shown that manipulating the phase excitations of individual quantum dots may significantly enhance the directive radiation properties of the quantum dot antenna system