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Thin-film Rotating Coaxial Reactor for Microwave-assisted Rapid Chemistry
  • Guennadi Kouzaev
Guennadi Kouzaev
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This paper considers a prototype novel rotating reactor for microwave-assisted heating and chemistry. It consists of a coaxial waveguide with a dielectric hollow mixer turning around the length of the central conductor of this coaxial waveguide. A heating liquid flows in a narrow gap between the rotor and the outer conductor of the coaxial waveguide fed by microwaves. It is supposed that the acceleration of the conversation rate of chemical reactions is due to the excitation of Kolmogorov micro-vortices and the application of microwaves. This contribution studies theinitial results of microwave liquid heating, hydrodynamics, and mechanics in these reactors.