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Simultaneous Monocular Visual Odometry and Depth Reconstruction with Scale Recovery
  • Guoliang Liu
Guoliang Liu
Shandong University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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In this paper, we propose a deep neural networkthat can estimate camera poses and reconstruct thefull resolution depths of the environment simultaneously usingonly monocular consecutive images. In contrast to traditionalmonocular visual odometry methods, which cannot estimatescaled depths, we here demonstrate the recovery of the scaleinformation using a sparse depth image as a supervision signalin the training step. In addition, based on the scaled depth,the relative poses between consecutive images can be estimatedusing the proposed deep neural network. Another novelty liesin the deployment of view synthesis, which can synthesize anew image of the scene from a different view (camera pose)given an input image. The view synthesis is the core techniqueused for constructing a loss function for the proposed neuralnetwork, which requires the knowledge of the predicted depthsand relative poses, such that the proposed method couples thevisual odometry and depth prediction together. In this way,both the estimated poses and the predicted depths from theneural network are scaled using the sparse depth image as thesupervision signal during training. The experimental results onthe KITTI dataset show competitive performance of our methodto handle challenging environments.