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On Microwave Imaging with Absorbing Metasurface Enclosure
  • Ziqi Liu ,
  • Nozhan Bayat ,
  • Puyan Mojabi
Ziqi Liu
University of Manitoba

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Nozhan Bayat
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Puyan Mojabi
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Matching fluids used in microwave imaging are often lossy to reduce the reflections from the system enclosure. To enable the use of low-loss matching fluids, we investigate the use of absorbing metasurfaces as the enclosure. This has the potential to enhance the signal-to-noise ratio of the data, thus, enhancing the achievable image accuracy. The presented example has the following limitation: as opposed to design and simulation of the physical structure of the metasurface enclosure, it uses two impedance boundary conditions on top of a metallic-backed substrate. Thus, the angular dependency of a practical absorber is not completely taken into account by this model. At the conference, we’ll also consider a microwave imaging metasurface enclosure via design and simulation of a physical structure.