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Structural Combinatorial of Network Information System of Systems based on Evolutionary Optimization Method
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  • Tingting Zhang ,
  • Yushi Lan ,
  • Aiguo Song ,
  • Kun Liu ,
  • Nan Wang
Tingting Zhang
PLA Army Engineering University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Yushi Lan
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Aiguo Song
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The network information system is a military information network system with evolution characteristics. Evolution is a process of replacement between disorder and order, chaos and equilibrium. Given that the concept of evolution originates from biological systems, in this article, the evolution of network information architecture is analyzed by genetic algorithms, and the network information architecture is represented by chromosomes. Besides, the genetic algorithm is also applied to find the optimal chromosome in the architecture space. The evolutionary simulation is used to predict the optimal scheme of the network information architecture and provide a reference for system construction.