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Unified Framework for Vision Inference on the Edge
  • Vysakh S Mohan
Vysakh S Mohan
Accubits Invent, Accubits Invent

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Edge processing for computer vision systems enable incorporating visual intelligence to mobile robotics platforms. Demand for low power, low cost and small form factor devices are on the rise.This work proposes a unified platform to generate deep learning models compatible on edge devices from Intel, NVIDIA and XaLogic. The platform enables users to create custom data annotations,train neural networks and generate edge compatible inference models. As a testimony to the tools ease of use and flexibility, we explore two use cases --- vision powered prosthetic hand and drone vision. Neural network models for these use cases will be built using the proposed pipeline and will be open-sourced. Online and offline versions of the tool and corresponding inference modules for edge devices will also be made public for users to create custom computer vision use cases.