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Configurable Defected Ground Structures for Low Profile Antenna Performance Enhancement
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  • Yujie Zhang ,
  • Zixiang Han ,
  • Shanpu Shen ,
  • Chi Yuk Chiu ,
  • Ross Murch
Yujie Zhang
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Zixiang Han
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Shanpu Shen
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Chi Yuk Chiu
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Ross Murch
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Versatile configurable defected ground structures
(CDGSs) for enhancing the performance of low profile antennas are introduced. It is shown that CDGS can significantly reduce mutual coupling (MC) between multiple antennas and suppress cross-polarization (XP) and enhance circular polarization (CP) excitation in single port low profile antennas for example. The key idea of CDGS is to construct defected ground structures (DGSs) from a grid of slots, which can be either opened or shorted with hardwires, so that they can be configured and optimized to enhance desired antenna performance characteristics. The
importance and versatility of the CDGS approach is that it
overcomes the issue of having to design bespoke DGS for each individual antenna design. Three design examples are provided to demonstrate the versatility of CDGSs for MC reduction, XP suppression and CP excitation. Experimental results demonstrate that MC can be reduced by up to 43 dB, XP can be suppressed by 15 dB and CP can be excited with 78 MHz (2.2%) 3-dB axial ratio (AR) bandwidth. The compactness and ease of fabrication also make the CDGS well suited to compact low profile internet of things (IoT) and wireless communication applications.