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High-Performance Industrial Wireless: Achieving Reliable and Deterministic Connectivity over IEEE 802
  • Adnan Aijaz
Adnan Aijaz
Toshiba Research Europe Ltd.

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Communication for control-centric industrial applications is characterized by the requirements of very high reliability, very low and deterministic latency and high scalability. This paper proposes a novel solution for providing reliable and deterministic communication, through Wi-Fi, in industrial environments. The proposed solution, termed as HAR2D-Fi, adopts hybrid channel access mechanisms for achieving deterministic communication. It also provides temporal redundancy for enhanced reliability. HAR2D-Fi implements different medium access control (MAC) designs that build on the standard physical (PHY) layer. Such designs can be classified into two categories: (a) MAC designs with pre-defined (physical) time-slotted schedule, and (b) MAC designs with virtual time-slotted schedule. Performance evaluation, based on analysis and system-level simulations, demonstrates the viability of HAR2D-Fi for control-centric industrial applications.
2020Published in IEEE Open Journal of the Industrial Electronics Society volume 1 on pages 28-37. 10.1109/OJIES.2020.2983259