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Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Driven Beyond 5G Networks: A Review
  • Nitin Gupta ,
  • Uttam Ghosh
Nitin Gupta
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Uttam Ghosh
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Swift evolution of novel computing and communication technologies in beyond 5G networks (B5G) opens up the possibilities for advanced techniques to tackle various issues which can not be solved by the existing frameworks. As the number of devices continuously increase, blockchain can provide a secure platform for communication among all the users in the network. Moreover, along with the security, blockchain requires low computation and also provides fast network response. Furthermore, artificial intelligence enhances the ability of devices to learn and construct knowledge about dynamic wireless environments. Recently, a lot of researchers have shown interest in integration of both the platforms to solve the complex problems of B5G networks. This work reviews the application of both the technologies in various networks related problems recently completed by the authors. The work also discusses various possible research issues that can be handled by the integration of both platforms.