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Competitive Routing on a variant of Delaunay Triangulation
  • Virendra Singh Rathore
Virendra Singh Rathore
Lakehead University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The concept of Delaunay triangulation is thought to be currently one of the best implementations in the sampling arena, whether it be technical or a non technical domain. Considering the network congestions which cause a competitive routing in any given area of the network, Delaunay triangulation has come to be proven as a good, if not the best, remedy to solve the mentioned problem. Dr. Prosenjit Bose presented a good argument back in November 2011 where he proved that connecting the nodes of any given network using the concepts of Delaunay Triangulation gave the best path between nodes, taking the least amount of time for the communication and reducing the competitive routing in the network by reducing the spanning ratio and path length by almost 5/sqrt(3). Here in this study we use the concepts of the Delaunay Triangulation to design a Java application which analyses given a set of random nodes in a plane, it connects each of them with the use of Delaunay Triangulation so that the nodes have the best path to communicate with each other.