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IoT programming to Develop Self Driving Robotics Car using OpenCV and Other Emerging Technologies
  • Mohammed Maaz ,
  • Sabah Mohammed
Mohammed Maaz
Lakehead University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Sabah Mohammed
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The advancement of Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning has catalyzed the field of technology. The progression in these fields is exponentially increasing, and the discoveries which were once just an imagination are now changed into reality. The evolution of cars each year has made a lot of difference in people travelling from one place to another. One such reform involving Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning is the birth of a self-driving car. The future is here where one can reach their destination hassle-free safely without the fear of accidents. This paper introduces a practical model of the self-driving robotics car, which can travel from one position to another on different types of tracks. A Pi-camera module is attached with the help of Raspberry Pi, which sends series of image frames to the Convolutional neural network, which then foretells the car to move in a specific direction, i.e. right, left, forward and reverse direction. The outcome is the robotics car, which travels in the desired direction without any individual effort.