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Smart Raspberry Pi Bank Safety Deposit box With Facial Recognition: Fintech Case Study
  • Jay Patel ,
  • Sabah Mohammed
Jay Patel
Lakehead University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Sabah Mohammed
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Bank safety deposit box is one of the secure storage for the clients to store their valuables such as important property or business paper, gold or even money but is in some case scenario traditional safe deposit are not safe enough, there have been many robberies from this safe box because of the code lock can be hacked and there no alarming system in this kind of safe boxes. In this paper I proposed a smart secure safe box with facial reorganization unlock feature using raspberry pi and uno Arduino which can used to secure your documents or valuables in a bank or at your home. In this I have used raspberry pi and pi camera to perform the face unlock and to send security alert through email. Secondly, I have used Arduino and hall sensor to trigger an alarm when the door is open unauthorized or kept open.